Please enjoy relaxing in Yamagata Prefecture.

  1. Zao winter sport course

    Enjoy ski and snow boarding at famous Zao ski resort and relax your body in Zao hot spring.

  2. “Power Spot” Mt. Haguro exploring course.

    Mt. Haguro is known for an old seminaries of mountaineering asceticism location. Rest both of your body and spirit, the place offers you an unique, never experienced journey before.

  3. Visit Yamadera and enjoy local cuisines of Yamagata

    We offer the exclusive course which back then loved by Bashou Matsuo (Japanese famous Haiku poetry in Edo period) which include stroll around Yamadera and enjoy the best regional seasonal dishes in Yamagata style restaurant.

  4. Exploring Kaminoyama City course.

    This plan gives you a chance to fully enjoy modern and old Kaminoyama and its neighborhood, explore the beauty of Kaminoyama hot spring’s history, scenery, cuisines, and unique traditions.

  5. Fruits picking in Sagae and visiting Japanese chess “Shogi” village in Tendo course.

    A course which will brings you close to Yamagata natures and unique culturals. Get the chance to learn many new things, new discoveries about Yamagata which would change the way you look at Yamagata.

  6. Exploring the delicious foods of Kaminoyama and horseback riding course

    Get the chance to ride a horse and indulge in Kaminoyama’s delicious dishes with families,friends and loved ones.

  7. Visit Okama crater lake and learn Kamayaki skills course.

    An unique travel experience exploring the nature of Yamagata. The chance to become one and archieves balance with the nature offers you an rare yet unforgetteful experiences.