Fruits picking in Sagae and visiting Japanese chess “Shogi” village in Tendo course.

Fruits picking in Sagae and visiting Japanese chess “Shogi” village in Tendo course.

A course which will brings you close to Yamagata natures and unique culturals. Get the chance to learn many new things, new discoveries about Yamagata which would change the way you look at Yamagata.




Cherries Center
Fruits picking in Sagae.JAさがえ西村山さくらんぼ会館では1年間を通して果物狩りが楽しめます。



Strawberry farm
Fruits picking in Sagae.ストロベリーファームでは”とちおとめ””やよいひめ”の2種類のいちご狩りが可能です。



Cold Soba noodle roasted chicken
Try the famous cold meat soba noodle for lunch.山形名物の冷たい肉そばは是非とも一度は食べていただきたいおすすめの郷土料理です。



Shogi Mura Tendo tower (*Shogi Mura literally means Shogi Village)
Visit Shogi Mura Tendo Tower. 将棋村天童タワーでは様々な体験ができます。

Time Table


Visit Shogi Mura Tendo Tower

1. Soba noodle making lesson
Fee : 1545 yen time : 90 minutes notice : For 2 persons and above
2. Kakigoma lesson
Fee : 1080 yen time : 60 minutes notice : You can carry home the art you’ve made.
*Kakigoma is to draw your own Shogi pieces
3. Horigoma lesson
Fee : 1080 yen time : 60~90minutes notice:For 5 persons and above *Horigoma is to curve your own Shogi pieces
4. Ceramic making lesson
Fee:1545 yen time:60minutes notice:For 5 persons and above
5. Ceramic painting lesson
Fee:1545 yen time:30minutes notice:For 5 persons and above
6. Safflower colour lesson class
Fee:1545 time:60 minutes notice:For 5 persons and above

*Among the lessons menu showed above,there is the case where you need to wait at least one month to complete the artwork.
*We do provide domestic and international shipping service. (additional fees required)


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Matters concerning the model course

*The proposed model course is made for visitors just to be used as a travel tips in Yamagata for our guests.
*All transportation and tickets need to be arrange by the guests. Please ask details at our front desk.
*If you had any opinions or questions about this model course please do contact us by email address below. we really appreciate any opinions given and please note that the email content would be used for our services improvement. Thank you.