≡Azumaya’s welcoming environment


A not-your-everyday moment when you just chill and relax in our lounge gazing at carps.

Lobby space


Lobby space in front of the entrance. Please use the space as place for talk with your friends and families.



We sells various merchandises from the famous Yamagata souvenirs to our special Azumaya Inn’s original goods.



You can enjoy a relaxing vacation by chatting lively at day, and watching illumination at night.

≡Azumaya’s bath


Soyokaze- The outdoor Japanese bath with nice view.

A historical hot spring town with 560 years of history~Kaminoyama Hot Spring’s water is healthy, beautiful skin enhancing water which will keeping your body warm and moisturized.From the outdoor Japanese bath, you can watch the change of town’s color and mountain panoramas in the morning and evening.Just as it’s name, the bath is blowed by gentle wind.


Kei Shiki No Yu-Observation large public bath.

In the 7th floor bath, the mountains view will catch you view as you open the door.An unique healing experience you can get only with large Japanese bath.Please enjoy wonderful view of Kamiyama City while entering Azumaya public bath.7th floor large Japanese bath with view of Kaminoyama’s four seasons panoramas.

≡Azumaya’s rooms.


There are two areas in Azumaya- “Beni No Yakata” and “Miyabi No Yakata” areas. Japanese room of 10 sheets tatami mats width~ and 12 sheets tatami mats width~ can be used by families, couples, friends or groups. In addition, we also provide room for various purposes such as single room for solo business trip and twin room for couples.

「Gekkei」:Room 502


「Miyabi Kan」12 tatami sheet mats ~type of Japanese style room.Large room with 4.5 tatami sheet mats room next to 12.5 tatami sheet mats room.For use of 2~6 persons.

「Tsuki」:Room 505


「Miyabi Kan」12 tatami sheet mats~type of Japanese room. Best for use on full moon night.12.5 tatami sheet mats room.For use of 2~6 persons.

「Gekka Bijin」:Room 523


「Beni Kan」10 tatami sheet mats ~type of Japanese room.This room is popular among women.For use of 2~6 persons.

「Yuki Geshou」:Room 621


「Beni Kan」10 tatami sheet mats ~type of Japanese room.How about use it for snow pile season?For use of 2~6 persons.

≡Facilities for friends and groups.

Banquet hall


We can provide various rooms for use of 30~180 persons.Feel free to use it with your friends and relatives.

Conference hall


Please use the conference room for meeting.Not only for business purpose but also for activities with locals.



Beyond the door is the amusement spot where you can enjoy the latest version of karaoke.