Kaminoyama hotspring / Kamiyama city, Yamagata prefecture

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Family-friendly inn

Kaminoyama is prospered since long ago with healthy, good-for-skin hot spring water would keep body warm and moisturized.Azumaya Inn serve cuisines made from Yamagata prefecture's best ingredients, spacious rooms, and open bath with nice view.We made the room for you to forget the hustle and bustle.

Azumaya Inn hospitality

We will guide you through Azumaya Inn's foods, facilities and services. Azumaya Inn makes health as our theme and is a family-friendly Inn.


The only place in Tohoku using fermented germinated brown rice in the menu.It is called as a super food as it is rich in fiber and GABA(gamma-Aminobutyric acid).



Information about banquet halls, lobbies, lounges, baths, clubs and conference rooms.



From Tokyo Station, you will arrive in Kaminoyama Onsen Station by Yamagata bullet train in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Please enjoy relaxing in Yamagata Prefecture.

Azumaya hotel proposal tour plan

The proposed model course is made for visitors just to be used as a travel tips in Yamagata for our guests.

  1. Zao winter sport course

    Enjoy ski and snow boarding at famous Zao ski resort and relax your body in Zao hot spring.

  2. “Power Spot” Mt. Haguro exploring course.

    Mt. Haguro is known for an old seminaries of mountaineering asceticism location. Rest both of your body and spirit, the place offers you an unique, never experienced journey before.

  3. Visit Yamadera and enjoy local cuisines of Yamagata

    We offer the exclusive course which back then loved by Bashou Matsuo (Japanese famous Haiku poetry in Edo period) which include stroll around Yamadera and enjoy the best regional seasonal dishes in Yamagata style restaurant.

  4. Exploring Kaminoyama City course.

    This plan gives you a chance to fully enjoy modern and old Kaminoyama and its neighborhood, explore the beauty of Kaminoyama hot spring’s history, scenery, cuisines, and unique traditions.