〓Azumaya six commitments

Yamagata beef meat is famous and used in various dishes such as sukiyaki, ceramot noodle and shabu shabu.
With the clear and fresh water of Mount Nishi Zao, fresh vegetables growing fastly.
Cherry, Japanese pear, apple and melon.Yamagata is one of the leading in the fruit kingdom in Japan.Freshly picked fruits for everyone.
We not only cope with allergies , but also serve medicinal cooking and vegetarian dishes with health as theme.We also have low calorie dishes for Kurort(German word for A long-term residential area for treatment and curing using nature such as forests and hot springs).
Tsuya Hime-Only can be produced by limited people and grown in the best farm.As the name applies, the rice is sparkling and has sweet taste which makes it different from others.
It contains polyphenols level more than in blueberry and goods for prevent eye fatigueness and makes skin beautiful.We use it in dessert topping sauses.

〓Regional Cuisines×Special Cuisines prepared by our chef

About 40 kinds of menus are available in breakfast buffet, and we recommend to try Yamagata famous foods-Imoni stew and Konnyaku(solidified jelly made from the rhizome of devil’s ), and you definitely needs to try eating rice with Yamagata dashi(Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) as topping. Mountaion product,wild vegetables・mushroom and others unique tastes in our local cuisines corner is one of sample of our commitment in serving our costumers.

Course dish 1


「Shun Ka No Minori」-Standard cuisine which uses lots of local ingredients.

Course dish 2


「Ho Ka No Minori」-Recommended course which you can enjoy the Yamagata’s food culture.

Course dish 3


「Sai Ka No Minori」-The course which using exclusive ingredients that are widely used in Yamagata’s local cuisines.

〓Azumaya original~The exclusive dish that made health as theme.

Course dish 4


「Kenbi No Megumi」-Vegan course dish with Azumaya’s original vegetarian recipes.

Course dish 5


「Houjun No Megumi」-Recommended course dish by our chef who holds medicinal cooking qualification.Azumaya is the only place in Tohoku which use fermented germinated brown rice in the menu.